1st Night STL – 2014

Anne and I had Joanie over for a New Year’s Eve supper. Anne made a really good kale salad topped with parmesan chips. We also had smoked salmon and oysters and various snackerals. After dinner Anne and I went to first night at Grand Center. We missed it last year and got there late this time. We only saw the following two acts, instead of the half-dozen we normally see. You see I had gone bicycling in the afternoon and got too tired and wanted to go home at 10:30. Every party has a pooper that’s why I invited me, party pooper. Here is a synopsis of the two acts that we did catch.

  • Kim Massie is one of the most recognizable vocalists in the Midwest. Her ability to sing not only blues and gospel, but rock, pop, country and R&B have earned her two Best Female Vocalist of the Year and a starring role in a Black Repertory Theater production of “Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues”.
  • Dizzy Atmosphere performed some light-hearted arrangements of holiday fare that featured traditions of Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza musical expressions, all delivered with a touch of insouciance.

We watched the ball drop in Time Square and struggled to stay up long enough to see it drop again. Then we trundled off to bed. Happy Hew Year everybody!

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  1. we had a ‘puck drop’ here in A2 for New Year’s Eve. I stayed up past midnight, but was no longer downtown because it was really, really cold (13, feels like -1) and we had been there since 8:15. lots of great music – DJs and live and combined. the headliner was Michelle Chamuel who won or almost won the Voice I think. or American Idol. whatever. a tv show I don’t watch. 😉 and tons of our Canadian neighbors who were very nice, and said everyone in A2 was very nice. it was all just very nice!

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