Ovation Awards

Ovation Awards Red Carpet

Ovation Awards Red Carpet

Last weekend, Dan attended his first red carpet event in LA. I snagged the above picture from Facebook. Amanda posted it. Dan went as Amanda’s date. She is seen in white. Like the other two women, Amanda’s friends, all four are 2012 CalArts MFA grads. The event was the Ovation Awards, which honors theater in the greater LA area. We have an analogous event here in Saint Louis, the Kevin Kline Awards, named after a local boy who did well. And of course, NYC has their Tony Awards. One of the plays that Amanda did costume design for was nominated for several awards, but unfortunately didn’t win. Amanda’s friends were there for another production. Val Kilmer headlined the glitterati. For Dan and his friends, it was a great party. Back here on the Saint Louis farm, today was a day of sweet domesticity. I found out that I do, do windows. Who would have guessed that? It certainly would not have been me.

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  1. That explains your comment about my purple Keens. Dan is welcome to wear them any time he needs to walk a red carpet although I am gonna guess that, even though my feet are not all that small (size 8), his are prob’ly larger than mine. I do windows too but I usually whine for help.

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