American Birders

What about Anne? When last I left her, she was at death’s door, having succumbed to a viral concoction that only kindergarteners and their ilk can incubate. Meanwhile, I spent all week palling around with a bunch of flighty birds, the Saint Louis Cardinals. Well dear readers the news is promising, it looks like she will survive. She went back to work this week. One day even jumping back through the jaws of death, returning to the scene of the crime, the MRH Early Childhood Center. I hope that I won’t be writing about her relapse next week. She went to the symphony last night and tomorrow’s plans call for her getting back on the bike, but today we eschewed the bike and went birding.

We drove up to the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary for our bird watching pleasure. As it turned out of the three species that we captured on film, all are differentiated from their cousins with the moniker ‘American’. While we were in the neighborhood, we drove down to Ted Jones State Park and toured the Meeting of Waters, the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Anne is wearing her new Lands End ‘teal’ quilted vest. It came with a chemical smell, so she didn’t want to wear it to the symphony, but outdoors worked fine. Our original intent was to get out of the city and see some of the fall colors, but the flood plain foliage wasn’t all that spectacular. Still, it was a nice outing and a great way to spend a cool, windy fall afternoon.

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