TIme Series World Telescoping

The Commissioner's Trophy

The Commissioner’s Trophy

Anne’s still sick. Package for Rey arrived. I worked late. Traffic was a mess. The store was worse. What is happening here? Oh yeah, the Cardinals are playing in the World Series tonight. Thank God, it is an away game. I dread to think what it would have been like if they were playing at home tonight. The town has gone just freaking crazy.

Let’s walk this backward a bit. I finally get to the store. There are no parking places. Well, I did find part of one, sandwiched between two SUVs whose idea of parking between the lines probably matched their kindergarten notions of coloring between the lines. I squeeze out of the car and head into the store. No problem getting dinner, but I chose the wrong checkout line. I thought that I would play it safe and go with the best checker in the store. I eschewed the U-scan lines, which can sometimes be problematic. I’m standing in line and I see the person in the U-scan line that I could have been behind leave. My line is still kind of long, but I decide to double down instead. Minutes pass and the person who I could have gotten behind the second time leaves the U-scan line. Arrgh! My checker turns out her light. Another checker subsequently arrives. She hangs around to bag. This gives the second checker the opportunity to complain that her cash drawer is a mess. I see him moving bills around, and then he mentions the change drawers. Come on, this lady was checker of the year, what just happened here?

The commute home was interminable and for no visible reason. People were just driving slow tonight and I mean the minimum highway speed. Don’t they know that there is a big game tonight? Let’s move it people!

I worked late trying to convince another engineer that that there might be a problem with his data. I brought along a hired gun, a Tech Fellow to help. We weren’t exactly saying that the data was wrong; we were more asking him to more fully show his work. Our discussion boiled down to correlating disparate coordinate systems. All coordinate systems are based upon assumptions and you know what happens when you assume something, you make an ass out of you and me. Wait! Why am I babbling on? The game has started. Let’s go Cards!

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