The Jay and Carl Show

Today was a little bit more laid back than yesterday’s marathon seventeen hour visit with Jay and Carl. Today’s visit was only for seven hours. I must commend my two hosts for putting up with me for about twenty-four hours this weekend. I had a good time. I hope that they did too. The main agenda item on today’s schedule was SAM, the Seattle Art Museum. We drove to Seattle Center, also-known-as Space Needle central. Seattle really needs to trim back the kudzu that is climbing that landmark. We took the monorail downtown. The SAM is a nice art museum, where the current show is about modern Japanese fashion. It’s a large show, but the part that I liked the best were the dresses that were made of a paper crinoline similar to those used to make foldout Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas snowmen centerpieces. Jay and Carl seemed to like “Cardboard Painting”, by Judy Rifka. It reminded them of the covered flooring in their under reconstruction house. When we walked down to the SAM sculpture garden we almost got close enough to Hempfest to get a whiff of it. Only a drug crazed lunatic would have been willing to wait in that line. We were offered a ten dollar soda, with complementary joint on the way home though. Finally, Jay and Carl took me to Archie McPhee, a novelty store that is a little bit different.

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