Flying High

Mono Coupe 110 Special

Mono Coupe 110 Special

The photo with this post is of a Mono Coupe 110 Special. This aircraft was built in 1936 by the Lambert Aircraft Corporation. It was used for stunt flying and racing. It hangs today in Terminal 2 of Lambert airport.

Anne had her first day of school today. She was fluttering about nervously this morning full of first day of school jitters. Today’s assignment is to shadow a student that is new to the district. Her parting comment was, “I hope that he is not a runner.” There are lots of new students to the district. A new state law requires failing school districts to pay for students who want to transfer to another district. This law seems like it is kicking these poor districts while they are down.

My work day started by first going into the office for a few hours. Later, I went to the airport and caught a noon flight to Seattle. After landing I went back to work for a while longer. All-in-all it made for an eleven hour day. Earlier today I went online to check on Seattle’s weather and local news. The forecast looks excellent, little if any chance of rain and moderate temperatures throughout my stay. On the news front, Seattle’s local news made the national page.

Tommorow kicks off Hempfest, the first such festival since the state of Washington decriminalized marijuna. I mentioned this fact to one of my managers and he surprised me with his comment, “Sweet, legal marijuna! Can I go too?” This event made the national news, because the Seattle police are passing out bags of Doritos, for the expected munchies and with a sticker on the bag that explains the letter of the law. According to the police website it is legal to have up to one ounce of marijuna or one pound of a marijuna infused solid, think brownies, or 72 ounces of a marijuna infused liquid. That is one big gulp!

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