A Bike Day and a Beach Day

Anne has been sending me photos and snippets of information for this blog. She is still at the cabin on the shores of Lake Superior, in Michigan. On Thursday, she bicycled to Rudyard and back, some forty plus miles. The Rudyard Co-op is celebrating its hundredth anniversary this year. She took the pictures of the tannin filled river and the Sandhill cranes on this ride. Rudyard is a town that lies in the middle of the so-called Rudyard flats. So, it wasn’t a very hilly ride, but she faced a head wind all the way back. Anne told me that she really missed me on that return run. I always break wind for her. [Insert fart joke here.] She said that she had slowed to such a pace that a hay fly also known as a skipper moth was able to keep pace with her. She was running late for fish on Thursday, so she called ahead and met Bubs and Harry in Brimley and then rode that last four miles after dinner. Friday was a rest day and a beach day. She sent me a selfie. She also went swimming, but lamented that there was no one on the beach to it. That’s what happens when you don’t share your beach day.

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