Road Bites

Switching from having a virtual wife to a real wife is an adjustment. Saturday morning, I woke up early, even for central time. Anne was still o California time, LA Dan’s California time that is. So getting launched towards the Cabin was somewhat problematic, but we got on the road by seven. That was early enough to make Ann Arbor by dinner time. By the time we passed Effingham our spirits were higher and Anne began to recount her peripatetic wanderings of this summer, at least so far.

She has made five trips so far this summer and I have had the pleasure of accompanying her on three of them. Our first trip was in May to Dave’s Graduation, Yeah I know May is not technically summertime, but at least Dave was out of school for the summer. She, Dave and I returned to Saint Louis and after a few short weeks she was off on the road again. This time she set off on her own and she left the driving to Mega-Bus. She traveled to Ann Arbor to open the Cabin. Well technically just helping to open the Cabin. Then back to Saint Louis for a week and then we both jetted off together to see Yellowstone, Then back to Saint Louis once more. A week later she is moving Dan out to California and CalArts. Bringing her traveling nearly up to date, she does a twelve hour turn around and finds herself accompanying me to the Cabin. The following bullets help to tally her wanderings so far:

  • 16 States – MO, IL, IN, MI, OH, PA, NY, UT, WY, ID, MT, OK, NM, AZ, CA, NV
  • 3 National Parks – Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Grand Canyon
  • 5 Airports – STL, LAX, PHX, LVS, SLC
  • Car, Rent-a-Truck, Mega Bus, 737
  • Construction Zones – Too many!

While we were passing through Indianapolis, on our way up to Michigan, we caught the NPR show, A Way With Words. It is a call in radio show that specializes in the discussion of words, English words, unusual English words to be exact. The word for today is snogglegrubber, meaning a corrupt politician, but is a suitable insult for anyone really. For example, Roy Blunt is a dirty snogglegrubber. Right?

We landed on the Planet Ann Arbor on Saturday night. We had dinner at Cousin Banana’s. Anne’s sister, Aunt Jane and not just plain Jane joined us too. No Mr. Bill though, I’m beginning to wonder if he really exists anymore? We crashed at Bubs and Harry’s house and re-launched again on Sunday morning. I’m writing this as we approach the Mackinac Bridge. I’ll post it for Monday after we arrive at the Cabin.

Finally, and I have saved the best for last, I give you a double header of art. Using a lens tilt technique, Chris has combined two pictures into one photograph. He did this all the while preserving the perspective of the resultant image. The subject of his work in this picture is our mom’s Magnus opus, the interior design for her home’s living room.

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