Cabin Daze

Sunday night was our first night up here at the Cabin. After we went to bed a rainstorm rolled in. It rained pretty hard, but the sound of the rain was greatly amplified by the sleeping porch’s roof, asphalt shingles and wooden boards were all that separate us from the elements. Monday dawned cooler, windier and much less humid than it was on Sunday. Anne, Bubs and I walked the beach Monday morning. Harry joined us and we drove into the Soo for lunch Penny’s Kitchen. Fran and Barb were already there and Karen and Val came in shortly afterwards. It was a nice lunch and I was able to post Monday’s blog. Anne and I had planned on going biking with Val after lunch but the wind had freshened and our enthusiasm had waned so we all bailed on biking. We saw several cyclists battling the headwinds on our way into town. I’m sure this sight helped to discourage us. Instead of biking Anne and I ended up going blueberry picking instead. We got almost two quarts. It is a bumper year for blueberries this year.

Supposedly the lake is 20 degrees warmer than normal this year. I swam Sunday night after dinner and the water did feel warm, but maybe it was just me. Monday morning after the rain both the air and water felt cooler. I’ve always told anyone who asked, in particular Anne, that the water in the lake was warm. Anne has taken to responding with, “Mark, you are so full of it your eyes are brown.” Maybe this year not so much? I’ve been thinking that maybe I should become a Baptist or maybe even better a Baptist minister. “Brother and Sister do you believe? Then come on in and enjoy these healing waters. They will warm your soul.”

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