Westward Ho!

Dan, Anne and I met Annie and her family for breakfast at Stone Spiral Coffee & Curios in Maplewood. Some of Dan’s and Annie’s friends joined us there too. Afterwards, I drove Dan and Anne to Dan’s old apartment building and Annie and her mother, Susan, met us there. The truck, trailer and Dan’s car was waiting there for us. We loaded Dan’s car onto the trailer and they were finally ready to go. I snapped the following picture. Dan and Anne started off in the truck and Annie and Susan started in Annie’s car.

Afterwards I rode in the Park. Construction has commenced on the project to complete the double path system around the Park. The original bike path that rings the Park has been around longer than I have lived in Saint Louis, thirty years. The second path that was begun ten years ago and has been completed two-thirds of the way around the Park is now being completed. Site preparation is complete from where the dual path system ended, by Steinberg Ice Rink, to Clayton Avenue. They are going to run the second path along the eastern side of Jefferson Lake. This means that the foot path and the bike path will cross each other, twice. Sounds like fun. I got 15 miles.

Dan decided to friend Anne and I on Facebook, just before he left town. He has been posting to Facebook at some of the various stops along the road, like after he visited his first weigh station. Dan and Annie got a pair of walkie-talkies for the trip. They have assigned themselves code names, at least for the day, Annie’s is Lady Hawk and Dan’s is Straight Arrow.  Calls seem to indicate that they will hit the east side of Oklahoma City.  They did.

The rest of the eye candy for this post was taken at the Indian Arts Museum in Grand Teton National Park. Wearing a grizzly bear claw necklace proved great hunting skill and bravery. Some of the claws on the necklace were taken from earlier necklaces, dating from 1800.  I especially like the red hoof prints on the Buffalo styled hand drum.  They make me wonder why the artist place eight?

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