Return of the Warthogs

  • A great deal has been said about the weather, but little has ever been done
  • The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco

These two Mark Twain quotes epitomize my dilemma.  I have been in California for the last week.  Along the central coast and in the bay area temperatures were mainly in the fifties, although we did have morning lows in the forties and the heat at my folk’s house ran every night.  I got used to this regimen.  Flash forward to Saint Louis.  By the time that I got out on my bike the Saint Louis heat was in full force.  I want to go back to California.

Return of the Warthogs, starring Oink, Chris, my brother’s epic production is now available for viewing for the first time in almost forty years.  This movie was filmed in Ann Arbor and revels in the adolescent male’s delight in blowing shit up.  We have previously featured Chris’ first animation, a walking stick man, his bicycling movie, Tools, that sports thriller, Frank Scores and the Prequel to Return of the Warthogs, Boomer and Loomer.  Enjoy!

On Friday’s flight from SFO to LAX two Hell’s Angels were passengers. They both had the emblem on the back of their leather vests. I made the mistake of texting Anne the request to alert TSA. I was joking, but you never know. I had to dissuade Anne’s concerns with subsequent texts.

My first encounter with the Hell’s Angels was in north San Francisco in the late sixties. My mom had hauled my brothers and I over to visit the dentist. We were on our way back to our suburban home in Marin. She was driving a Dodge station wagon, a land yacht complete with tailfins. I don’t know if she had gotten lost or if the normal route was just that colorful. Anyway, she was driving towards the Golden Gate and a pack of Hell’s Angels came cruising by. Although eyes forward she kept saying, “don’t look, don’t look”, we like monkeys, me and my brothers. were bouncing around (no seatbelts back then) and had our faces pressed to the car’s window.

The new header shows cormorants flying in the fog off of Point Lobos.  The baby Californian Quails or cheepers and the deer were photographed by my folk’s house.  Oh, to get a photo of one of the bobcats that hangout there too.

Over the last week, I have been remiss in making the count, the count of bike mileage that is, so here it is (Looks like Mark has been slacking off this week):

  • 19th – 17 miles for Anne
  • 21st – 17 miles for Anne
  • 24th – 20 miles for Anne
  • 26th – 11 miles for Anne, 15 miles for Mark

On Saturday morning, I woke up at my usual six AM.  Unfortunately I was still on California time, so six means eight central time.  Anne left to participate in a fund raising event for Team Kaldis.  I groggily stumbled about and eventually launched towards the Park.  I rendezvoused with Anne and the Team, hung out for a little while and then headed home.

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