Point Lobos

Chris had work on Monday, so I went back to Point Lobos again, this time alone. It was foggy and misting when I arrived, but that didn’t deter me. I got lots of pictures, all of interesting stuff that you don’t see around Saint Louis. So this post is going to be long on pictures and short on text.

I kept seeing flock of pelicans flying north while at Lobos. Most of the flocks were large, fifty birds. The one pictured here is smaller, but I liked the way that they were just skimming over the waves. Since all the flocks that I saw were flying north, I asked one of the docents if they were migrating. She said no, they fly south to feed and north to roost. So I guess they were fed and ready for some down time.

There were harbor seals and sea lions at Point Lobos. The harbor seals were in close, so they were easy to photograph. The sea lions were on the more distant rocks. You couldn’t see them very well, but you could sure hear them.

There was one point that was primarily sandstone. The sandstone had in it already smoothed and rounded granite stones. Sometimes the stones were in layers, sometimes they were mixed in everywhere. The picture above shows some sandstone that had these little ridges etched into it.

The Seaside Painted Cup is the maritime version of Indian Paintbrush. The docent also knew this. Point Lobos really is a special place to visit.

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