Notes From Monterey

Staying in Monterey, the first steps of any day lead to the Del Rey Oaks Starbucks. Here I have discovered Starbuck’s breakfast sandwiches. These aren’t schedule to appear at the Starbucks that I regularly frequent until next month. Aaron and the Latte Ladies have been tirelessly promoting them back in Saint Louis. They are basically a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin which I also like. Having tried them, I find that I like them, but I do not plan to add them to my regular Starbucks habit. They are too much to have everyday.

Saturday, while tromping around the Pebble Beach golf course, Chris and I passed many luxury homes. For some of these homes, their backyards was the golf course. For others the golf course was their front yard, the Pacific Ocean being their backyard, or maybe it is the other way around? One house was for sale. It had a stack of flyers in a box, so I grabbed one. The sales flyer spoke of the “Pebble Beach way-of-life“. “Here just steps from the 4th green of Pebble Beach and Stillwater Cove renowned architect, [Mr. Smith] created a singularly impressive home aptly named Out ’a Bounds.” blab, blab, blab … This prose writing realtor would be glad to fit you into this mansion for just under six.

Sunday morning Dad went shopping, while Mom, Chris and I hung around the house and watched the DVD version of Ken Burn’s National Park series. Kind of a low-res morning, but after yesterday’s all day event, just the kind of down time that was called for. I like Ken Burn’s work. I wish I had known him in high school. He graduated the year before Anne and I. I think that we manage to graduate with his younger brother and Civil War series collaborator, but maybe it was Chris and Jay who did?

My folk’s home is about five miles from the sea and 1100 feet above it. It has a nice view of Monterey and its bay. It is relatively close to the Monterey airport and its approach path, but the planes aren’t annoying because we get to look down on them as they pass by the house. In the afternoon Chris and I visited Point Lobos for a bit. Afterwards we settled in to watch the US Open’s finals.

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