Dad, Let’s Play Legos

Liz’s comment on yesterday’s pirate pillow post mentioned Dan’s Lego pirate ship.  This comment in conjunction with a recent MSNBC article about how some adults are transforming this toy into an art form caught my interest.  Lego’s sales to adults now comprise 5% of Lego’s total sales.  This makes adult sales a small but very lucrative market.  Way more surprising than this 5% of sales number is the fact that 2% of all YouTube videos are Lego related videos, that is one in fifty, that is a lot of videos.

These numbers speak to an economic and creative force to be reckoned with. The MSNBC article features an entrepreneur, Jamie Berard, who made an impression on Lego’s Danish owner, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Lego, a privately owned company, has made a small religious and non-violent sect of Danes very rich. But Berard is just one of many entrepreneurs seeking at least enough money to fund their own Lego habits.

Most child consumers of Lego try to follow the instructions and recreate the picture on the box.  I’m reminded of the pirate ship here.  Most adult consumers of Lego create original works, as in Lego art.  Just Google “Lego art” and select images to see some of the amazing works people have made. 

I have a drawer full of Lego.  This Lego has produced both an artist and an engineer.  I see this as a good return on my Lego investment.  I think that I’ll just bank our Lego for the next generation.  I’ll reap even more profit then.

While you were toiling at the grind, Anne was out grinding.  Wednesday we got a breather from the stream of thunderstorms that have been roiling Saint Louis and so Anne went for a bike ride.  She rode in the Park, got 21 miles and lots pictures.  I rode Tuesday morning before work, only got 15 miles and then had to go to work.  Today’s header and the pictures with this post are Anne’s.

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