Summertime & the Living Is Easy

As you read this post, I am likely jetting my way to California.  In just a few days summer will officially be here, but why wait?  Summer is the vacation season.  I husband my vacation days for the summer and then carefully count them out.  Technically, my first vacation of this summer was last month’s trip to Rochester to watch Dave graduate.  Schools out for summer, Schools out forever, to channel Alice Cooper, but that was May and this is June, a real summer month.

Although there is pleasure on this trip, there is also some business to attend.  I have a meeting to join and a presentation to make there.  I worked hard to make this trip happen.  My reward is that the company is covering my flights.

The pleasure part of my trip involves seeing my folks.  Twice in one year, Whoo Hoo!  Plus, my brother Chris and I are going to attend the US Open Golf Tournament on Saturday.  Neither of us are big golf fans.  I don’t play and I don’t believe that he does either.  Big golf tournaments though are an annual occurrence in Monterey.  All the hoopla over the years have made us curious.

I was amazed at how popular the idea of attending the US Open Golf Tournament was with the guys at work.  There were the golf aficionados who had to explain the etiquette of Pro golf spectatorship to me.  Apparently, you can’t just pick up a golf ball.  Go figure.  My major complaint with Pro golf etiquette is that spectators are not allowed bring cameras, but that is just the blogger in me.  I already plan on using PicApp instead.

So, I’m going to California, but the photos with this post are all old Cabin pictures.  What gives?  First, you’ll see plenty of California pictures, maybe not right away, but soon & in abundance.  Why jump the gun?  Yesterday, Banana’s three hot tub gal’s photo got me looking backwards towards the past.  You must have been a beautiful baby, because Baby look at you now …

Pawing through old photos, I chose this post’s material.  The Cabin steps photo is the oldest one that shows the entirety of Harry’s descendents.  As an aside, Ashlan is crying because the Mariners lost that day.  Just kidding Ashlan, you don’t have to look it up.  The picture of the beach is timeless, where as we are not.  The picture of Mouse was just so good, that I had to include it too.

Monterey, the Cabin, even Saint Louis are great places to live.  What makes them spectacular places though is family.  Family can endure the test of time and offer continuity to timeless places.

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  1. Well, *I* re-posted it on Twitter — — and I haven’t heard any complaints about it. I think that the kids don’t necessarily like their adult lives splattered all over the internet but they don’t usually mind an old picture or story here and there, handled with care.

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