Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The title for this post is a riff off of yesterday’s Shakespeare related post.  On Thursday, Dave returned to Rochester, my boss had his retirement party and Anne’s seniors graduated.  I would prefer to look at these events not as ending, but rather as new beginnings.  It is just bittersweet for both of us at RegenAxe, that these new beginnings also involve partings.

I dropped Dave off at the airport Thursday morning, on my way into work.  He is returning to Rochester until mid-August.  He has a job there, with ten weeks worth of work.  He’ll be finishing up some research for his professor.  Afterwards he plans to travel to Detroit and join us at the Cabin.

The picture of David to the left was taken at seven in the morning.  He hadn’t gotten home until four.  I reached him on Thursday evening.  He and his plane was sitting on the runway at JFK, awaiting clearance for takeoff.  Checking the radar showed lots of thunderstorms in the NYC area.  There may be a sequel to this story of Dave’s trip back to Rochester.  Stay tuned tomorrow …

Thursday, I went to a retirement luncheon for my boss, Denny, pictured to the left.  He has worked forty years for the company.  As fitting his status, Lombardo’s, a white tableclothed Italian restaurant, was chosen for the celebration.  It was a nice choice, it made for a nice party and the food was good too.  He’ll probably return to work, part-time, as a consultant.

I’ve worked for Denny, off and on, for about ten years.  I owe him a deep debt of gratitude.  He rehired me in 2001, pretty much on just a phone call.  He has also given me my last two promotions.  Working with him on our last project was the most fun that I have ever had … in the workplace setting.

Anne rode in the Park today.  She got 16 miles.  Thursday night she attended the Maplewood-Richmond Height High School’s graduation ceremony, just one more parting.  Today is the first day of her summer vacation, time for her to break out her vacation spreadsheet!

Go Blue Devils!

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  1. ah yes. the dreaded ‘vacation spreadsheet’. can’t wait to be reprimanded (again) for not committing it to memory.

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