Point Lobos

On Friday, Chris and I went to Point Lobos.  Point Lobos is a nature preserve located just south of Carmel.  It got its name when Spanish explorers mistook the barking of sea lions for the baying of wolves.  Today’s header shows a California Sea Lion swimming in the water around Point Lobos.  The picture below shows a rock full of sea lions enjoying the California sun.

On the north side of the point many of the trees were covered with an orange-colored fungus.  It looked rather picturesque.  There was also something like Spanish moss in the trees.  Moist sea breezes have created a micro-climate.  Chris helped me get this shot.

The following picture is of Chris.  It was taken just after the preceeding photograph.  We were doing the dueling camera thing at Lobos.  Chris took the top picture in this post.  It is a panoramic shot of the Bixby Bridge and its environs.  Built in 1935 this bridge has been immortalized in countless car commercials.  After Point Lobos we drove the ten or so miles down the coast highway to take pictures of it.

The last picture with this post is of a wild iris at Point Lobos.  Back in Saint Louis there are no flowers, other than the indoor variety.  But out here, I’m seeing flowers just like in the Mediterranean House at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  I’ve seen both African and Clanwilliam Daisies in neighbor’s front yards.

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