Big Sur

Friday night Jack and Joann stopped by to give my mother a Valentine’s Day present, a bouquet of sunflowers.  Jack and my Dad were classmates at Annapolis and attended the Naval Post Graduate School together, here in Monterey.  Jack and Joann live in Monterey now too.  I got the four of them to pose for a picture.  The sunflowers made it in the picture too.  I liked hearing Jack’s recount of the midshipmen’s snowball fight.  With all of the snow that they have gotten, it was one regiment against another.  Sounds Great!

Saturday morning, Chris and I drove down Highway One, the coast highway, to Big Sur.  We passed Point Lobos, crossed the Bixby Bridge this time and continued driving south.  We stopped for a few minutes near Point Sur Lighthouse, which I have recently written about.

We drove through Big Sur and then stopped at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.  The highlight of the park is its waterfall.  Although it seemed kind of small compared to the crashing surf that it emptied into.  The surf was way up on Saturday.

After the park we doubled back to Big Sur, for lunch at Nepenthe.  We got there before they opened at 11:30, but they seated us and we sat at a bar overlooking the Pacific.  Today’s Header shows small part of the view.

Lunch quickly devolved into a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds.  First crows started to gather, then the food arrived.  Nepenthes’ Ambrosia Burger and a basket of fries.  After the food arrived the elusive Stellar Jay that I had tried to photograph made taking its picture all too easy.  It and three or four of its brethren started dive bombing our basket of fries.  We didn’t make it any better for the next party when after lunch, Chris and I began hurling fries to the birds.

Frank sent me another one of his claymation videos, Monday Holidays, you can view it below.  It is very timely, what with President’s Day coming up on Monday.  I’ll be at work on Monday.  Neither President Washington nor President Lincoln ever bought any airplanes.

Dan called home on Friday night with good news.  He had a phone interview with the California College of the Arts on Wednesday, which he thinks went well.  Also, Cal Arts has emailed him that he is a finalist, and has asked him to come out for an interview on March 11. This would probably be a (minimum) three-day trip, as the interview is in the morning and then there’s a tour of the studios or something in the afternoon.  He’s going to check with Steve, his boss, because sometimes Steve has frequent flier miles that he lets his employees use.  Anne also suggested that he call the other schools and let them know that he will be out in California and see if he can set up more interviews.

3 thoughts on “Big Sur

  1. Just a niggling point Mark, It’s a Stellar’s Jay not a Stellar Jay. It was discovered by a guy named Stellar. Since they’re kind of annoying I don’t want to think of the species receiving praise in it’s name

  2. Just to prove that there is a family gene (or Gene?) for niggling points, I’ll jump in to the fray. Which “it’s” are you referring to? Or more properly, to which “it’s” are you referring?
    A preposition is something you never end a sentence with. That is something up with which we will not put.

    P.S. Eye due no witch “it’s” is write, butt Mae bee the grandma Czech her due knot. Laika the spiel Czech her.

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