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This installment of Chris’ Camera features a movie that Chris originally made in the early 1970s.  It is entitled Tools.  It was filmed by and stars Chris and was made while he was in high school, in Ann Arbor.  Amazingly it was filmed all in one take.  It uses a stop frame animation technique.  Using this technique, for portions of the film, Chris took pictures one frame at a time.  In between each frame Chris moves his props, ever so slightly and then repeats the process.  It is a time consuming technique.  There is no sound, it is a silent movie, the 8 mm movie camera that was used to film the movie didn’t record sound.  I think the movie is both imaginative and funny and as an added plus it involves bicycling.  I hope that you like it too.  I think that he did a really good job, considering the tools that he had at hand …

This movie is only the first in a series of movies that will appear over the coming weeks.  Apparently Costco now offers a low cost digitizing service for 8 mm films.  Look forward to more  animation treats from Chris’ Camera, in future weeks such as The Adventures of Boomer and Loomer.  In addition to Chris’ budding film efforts there will be films of historical significance.  These were shot by our Dad.  Look forward to viewing an exotic trip to India and backyard family fun, in the form of a pickup baseball game.  Lookout Frank!  😮

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  1. I watched this last night – grabbed it from your sidebar. I had to stop it and look again to see that it was Chris. (It has been a few years.) Excellent work.

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