MS-150 Revisited

The first three photographs above were taken at this MS-150 bicycle ride in Columbia, MO by professional photographers.  The first photo shows the entirety of Team Kaldi’s at the start line on Saturday morning, even though it says finish.  We’re in there somewhere.  The second and third photographs show Anne and I riding the MS-150 ride, first on Saturday and then second on Sunday.  The fourth and fifth pictures are ones that I took of Anne.  The sixth photo shows the two medals that we were given at the completion of the ride.  Today’s header was also taken on the Sunday of the ride.  It shows  a fellow team member mugging for the camera.  I luv the juxtaposition of the cyclists to the left with the Loveall RV’s sign on the right.  Anne and I have always loved our RVs, our two wheeled RVs that is.

Last year, in 2008, I made a video of that year’s MS-150 bike ride, in which I ask various members of Team Kaldi’s, “Why do you ride?”  This year, the Gateway MS Society in what I’ll categorize as flattery, as in imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, made a very similar video called Why do you ride?  Naturally, I like my original version better.  I didn’t make a video this year, but a fellow Team Kaldi’s member, Dan, did make this one.  Both Anne and I appear a couple of times each in the movie.

Sunday was a rest day, well actually a rainy rest day.  It rained most of the morning, mostly a gentle rain.  After having been on the road for about a week, I think that I deserve a rest day.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors, you know who you are.  Thanks again!  🙂

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