That’s A Winner

Candlesticks Always Make a Nice Gift

On Sunday, we went to the ballgame, with Joanie and Pat. Joanie arranged it. We got there extra early, because of a promotion, X-Large hoodies. I’ll be sending mine to Dave. One little girl was wearing hers at the park and it fitted like a full-length dress on her. The promotion also included a hot dog and a soda, which I hungrily wolfed down. Damn the half-hour of lost life, but I hear that the last half-hour is no fun anyway. Seats were in the right-field corner and mercifully fully shaded. It was warm, but not as uncomfortable as the other two ballgames that we’ve seen earlier this year with Rey. The Cards jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first inning and managed to hold the Reds to a shutout for the remainder of the game. The first half of the game went quickly, with so little scoring, but many pitching changes and higher batting counts slowed the second half. It seemed that whenever the Reds got a hit, the Redbirds also got a new pitcher. Hence the pictured conference on the mound and the allusion to Bull Durham.

The Reds threatened in both the eighth and the ninth, with leadoff doubles, but could never do much more than that. The home team put on quite the splendid little show that included a homerun, stolen base and a double play. We stayed to the end and then trooped down to MetroLink, for the train ride home. After the game the dugout Cardinals met the bullpen players for some self-congratulatory handshakes and I thought that they only did that in little league. The Redbirds are fifteen games behind the division leading Brewers, but as of yesterday, they are only one game out of getting a wildcard berth. Even though the highs here are still in the nineties, there is a noticeable chill in the mornings. One that I feel every time I go out to get the paper. It would be nice to have another Red October this fall. It has been ten years since they last won the World Series. I think that they are about due again. 

Good Game! Good Game!

Almost, But Not Quite

Tommy Edman

The Cardinals had sort of a fussy game on Sunday. It rained in the first inning, but that didn’t stop play. The Reds managed to score during this period of wetness and went on to score in the second and third innings. After three the Redbirds were down seven to nothing. Thing’s kind of quieted down until the Cardinals came roaring back and scored seven runs in one inning to tie up the game, but Saint Louis couldn’t close the deal and allowed one more Cincinnati run that gave them the lead again and eventually the game. This loss made for five in a row, leaving the Cardinals in a terrible slump. People were kind of fried after sitting in the hot sun all afternoon. Forty days in the desert meant that I didn’t get sunburned. I didn’t have to cook dinner, because we ordered pizza instead. Joanie joined us then. This morning, we went to the zoo. Bathing elephants were probably the highlight of our visit. For lunch we hit Blueberry Hill and then CRAB departed town.

Bath Time

Cardinals Nation

Being Like Stan the Man

We took Jay and Carl downtown and toured Busch Stadium. Carl was subjected to an entire afternoon of Cardinals propaganda, but still remains a Mariners fan. Earlier we walked them over to our own little local Arthur Ashe park, which is in the neighborhood and includes the remains of the tennis court that he played on during his senior year in high school. Our hour long tour of the stadium included promos for some of the more exclusive clubhouses in the park, plus other high points like the broadcast booth. We ended the tour down on the field and toured the dugout. After the tour, we ate lunch in Ballpark Village and then toured the Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum. It was a very baseball kind of day.