Merry Christmas!

Puck Coaster

We took Dave and Maren to the zoo on Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful day, with a high in the seventies. So, there was a pretty good crowd at the zoo. A lot of the animals seemed to be enjoying the fine weather too. We toured the new primates exhibit, which was mobbed with small human primates, but three of the five outside areas were occupied. Hunger soon called on us. We tried to go to Blueberry Hill, but they were slammed. Many of the other restaurants in the Loop were closed for the holiday, but we found a little hole-in-the-wall place called BOB-Q that featured Korean fusion cuisine. Each of us had a bowl, that was quite tasty and just the right amount of food. For dinner I made chicken brats with a side of Maque Choux, a Cajun corn and pepper dish. Christmas dawned this morning, bring another unusually warm day. I made bacon and eggs for breakfast, which was followed by presents. I think that we all scored in the gift department. Thank you, Jay and Carl for the solar panel. Pictured is one of the coasters that Brit and Dan made for Dave and Maren. Brit drew it and then Dan laser etched it. A day of cooking lies ahead of us and then more eating.