Wife and Mother-in-Law

Wife and Mother-in-Law, Anon, 1888

They say that you marry your mother-in-law. To a prospective groom this is a scary thought. This is probably why this post’s graphic was first published anonymously. I’ll take their cue and not go any further with this thought.

We went to a Federal office building. I was surprised at the security there, which included both a metal detector and armed guards. We ended waiting over an hour to be served. Note to self, make an appointment next time.

We got our Federal income tax refund. It arrived two weeks ahead of schedule. We have to pay the state, but I filed before the forms were available. After being unable to get TurboTax to print the now updated forms, I went to the state’s site and printed them from there. Or at least I tried. The printer ran out of paper and there was no more left in the house. We’ve been experiencing a fair amount of technology issues lately. So, I had to go to the store and buy some. I eventually got the forms printed, so come April 15th all we have to do is write a check and mail in it and the already printed form.

We still have more business with the Federal government. So, it would be nice if it didn’t shutdown again. We’re trying to be as proactive as we can, but some of our tasks have timelines that are too long, to be finished by the next shutdown deadline. It would be nice if a certain party would just agree to disagree and get on with the business of government, which is to serve the people.

Oculus Station

Oculus Outpost Primaris

Dan has launched a Kickstarter campaign. His company, Fallen Tower Designs has created a line of laser cut terrain called Oculus Station. It is modular terrain for use in the 28mm miniatures game, Warhammer 40K. This line of terrain features a modular design and easy assembly that can be reconfigured to fit your game. Build the battlefield using this sci-fi industrial design.

He makes this terrain using his Glowforge laser cutter. He has been showing prototypes of his designs on his Instagram site, Grimmest Dark and it’s good to see it going now. Unfamiliar with the concept? Kickstarter is a crowd-sourced fund-raising website. Glowforge used Kickstarter to launch its laser cutter.

I think that he launched it yesterday and already has a few backers. As part of this campaign, he offers varying investment levels, with commiserate rewards. I believe that the above photo represents the highest such level, Oculus Outpost Primaris (Figures not included). Checkout his Kickstarter page for the straight dope though. On it is a rather well produced movie featuring his product line.

He has given himself about a month to raise his goal of $5,000 USD, which would cover his investments in the laser cutter and materials. The pictured terrain set runs $145, but rewarded contributions can be as little as $25 and if you just want to support the arts, as little as a dollar. Check it out!

Your Sign-up Checklist

Zinging Rings

Signing up should be easy, but when the real world meets the Internet things can get complicated, fast. Don’t worry though, because there are lots of people who want to help you. Lot’s of people! Too many people. That is why a checklist can be helpful. Here is one that we followed and I offer it now for your evaluation: 

  1. Late night. last night at the Fox.
  2. Sleep-in today. 
  3. Why?
  4. See #1
  5. Rainy day
  6. Garbage day
  7. Is that thunder or someone just rolling their trash bins?
  8. Probably both
  9. Create online account. 
  10. Flub account creation by choosing an illegal password. 
  11. Find software bug. 
  12. Get locked out of account creation process for 24-hours
    1. “Come back tomorrow… Because I said so, that’s why! See you tomorrow, Indiana Jones.” 
    2. How did Indiana Jones get on this checklist?
    3. Never mind, it was a joke.
  13. Wait a day.
  14. Repeat #9, with a valid password this time
  15. Success!
  16. Study options. 
  17. Shoo spouse away. 
  18. Revisit #16
  19. Get lost in minutia.
  20. Get frustrated with said minutia.
  21. Try bull-rushing through the process to see what happens.
  22. Get cold feet with this approach.
  23. Call the help-line.
  24. Navigate its automated call tree looking for a human operator.
  25. Make a callback appointment.
  26. Wait an hour.
  27. Miss call.
  28. Give up in frustration.

I’m sorry that this checklist didn’t work for you. It didn’t work for me either.  Instead, stare at the red circle in the graphic above and the outer bands will seem to move. Continue staring until at it until you feel dizzy, then blink. Repeat.