City Museum

City Museum – New art near the new aquarium section

Sunday began with a boozy brunch downtown at Rooster. As always, their crepes were great and thankfully on this morning the place wasn’t too busy. Waiting outside in the cold wind would have been a hard thing to do. After brunch we headed over to the City Museum, for some indoor play.

The City Museum is like no other museum that I’ve ever heard of and certainly unlike any that I’ve visited. There are aspects to the place that are like a museum, but they are certainly not its main attraction. Running around, climbing over obstacles, squeezing through small apertures and sliding down, down, down again, these are the things that people come to experience at the City Museum. Blue jeans are required and knee pads are recommended, not your usual museum attire.

The museum is supposed to have a pretty good first-aid service or so I’ve heard. It’s not surprising, considering the whole place is like an accident waiting to happen. I imagine that they have pretty good lawyers too. Almost everywhere you look, in every corner is some example of art that someone, probably a young poorly paid art student, labored over for hours. Sometimes scary, usually weird, the figures all seem gleamed from strange dreams.

Dan ended up with the best story of the day. While crawling through the tunnels, the oldest, darkest and scariest section of the museum, he was creeping along, just minding his own business. A family, with a small boy was ahead of him. Dan waited for them to proceed, before crawling further along. The boy just then happened to turn around and turned to face Dan. At eye level, inches apart, the boy screamed, “There’s a man back there!” Inconsolable by his parents the boy wanted to leave. All part of City Museum’s all enveloping art experience. 

Local Saturday

Get LOUD!!!

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas… We surrendered to the inevitable. It being local Saturday, when the going gets tough, the tough shop local. In the afternoon, David and Maren went out and visited one of our local shopping districts. Anne and I stayed home and watched the U of M versus OSU debacle. Our main event was on Saturday night. Anne and I joined Maren and Dave and we supported one of our local teams. This team happened to be this year’s Stanley Cup Champions, the Saint Louis Blues. We took the train downtown and joined the throng within the arena, but this was not my first rodeo.

I came prepared, with ear plugs for everyone. In-between play the PA system was deafening loud and I was glad with what hearing protection I did have, but during play the PA was mostly quiet. Then you could hear the scraping of blades on ice, the slap of the puck and the thundering crashes into the boards, because then the capacity crowd also mostly fell silent, when it was without its soundtrack. The most notable exception to this was John Denver’s Country Home. When the PA started playing it, the crowd sang along, but when play began and the PA cut out, the crowd continued on, singing it acapella.

The Blues hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins. I found Pittsburgh fans to be as annoying on the ice as they are in the ballpark. Our two cities are connected by a ribbon of asphalt called I-70 that allows them to descend upon Saint Louis whenever one of their teams is visiting. In the first period, the Blues scored first on a power play. The Penguins tied it up on another Blues power play that so irked our team that they scored another four goals. The final score was 5-2.