Snow Goose & Canada Goose Hybrid

Snow Goose x Canada Goose Hybrid

Yesterday, we drove to Seney National Wildlife Preserve. It is located a little more than an hour west of our cabin. Most of which is driven on M-28, through the Seney flats that is known as one of the most boring drives in all America. Maybe because we only drove a portion of the Seney flats and maybe because we do not do it every day, but I did not find the flats to be all that boring. We have not been to Seney for a couple of years, because of infrastructure. Early in the Biden administration, Seney landed a bunch of money to repair and refurbish much of the preserve’s facilities. This worked forced its closure last year, but it is now reopened. Starting with its all-important driving loops. These one-lane, one-way, dirt roads snake around the preserves many pools. Built by the CCC during the Depression, these bodies of water make Seney a waterfowl haven. This wildlife preserves biggest claim to fame is the saving of the Canada goose from extinction in the lower 48 states. The rangers there used to crow about this success but are now mute about it. As it turns out they are guilty of their own success. Instead of no Canada geese, there are now too many. Across all 48 these geese can be seen on every golf course, ballfield and the like. Chewing on grass and pooping everywhere. Their abundance has become a nuisance. Hence, nowadays Seney chooses to no longer emphasis their role in this bird’s revival. Yesterday, in addition to the more interesting and exotic bird species, there were still plenty of Canada geese to be seen. It was while watching a group of them that I spied the pictured individual, a Snow goose and Canada goose hybrid. This type off hybridization is not uncommon, but this is the first that I have ever heard of it. You learn something new every day. 

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