Twelfth Night

Viola & Orsino and Sebastian & Olivia and Toby & Maria

On Thursday night, we attended the Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park. This year’s production is Twelfth Night. Along with Joanie, we braved both bad air and unusually cold temperatures, because the show must go on. Twelfth Night is a comedy that supposedly got its name, because it was first performed for Elizabeth during Christmastime and no better title came to Shakespeare’s mind. This Shakespeare comedy includes romance, humor, masqueraded identities, gender switching roles and lots of partying. Naturally then, this production was moved from its traditional European locale to Miami. With its live band, the show is heavily laden with Latin music, giving it along with the play’s many colorful costumes a distinct South Beach vibe.

At intermission, when the audience turned their phones back on, we were greeted with the news of the new inditements. Later, I learned that the perp walk was scheduled to also occur in Miami. Finally, following his inditements, the perp-in-chief lashed out at the special prosecutor and his wife, Katy Chevigny, the later whom he termed his biggest hater of all. I do not understand how Ms. Chevigny has incurred so much of his ire, because she is best known as a producer of the Michelle Obama documentary, Becoming, a film biography of Ms. Obama’s book tour for her autobiography of the same name. This morning, I watched this film. It mentions the perp by name only once, while Michelle is recounting their last night in the Whitehouse. Her daughters plead with her for an impromptu sleepover that night. She eventually relents, but not before warning her girls that they would need to be ready to go in the morning, because the Trumps are coming.

In Twelfth Night, by the end of the fifth act the confusion that propelled the play’s plot has been cleared. All the couples have been paired and after the curtain call, the audience is sent on its way to the beat of one more Latin musical number. If only real life could be so well scripted. Chevigny’s documentary was a joy to watch too. It was nice to be reminded of all the hope and joy that accompanied the Obamas. Especially, after what followed it.

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