Potted Plants

Potted Plants

Yesterday, was kind of a workday. We installed four floating shelves. After mission accomplished we went out for lunch at a Thai place called Crying Thaiger. Our next stop was Idle Hands Brewery, where Dave and I got matchy-matchy t-shirts, plus a few beers. Back home again and then prep for dinner. Maren made a blueberry galette, while Dave BBQed chicken and tofu shish-kabobs. Maren’s sister-in-law Bella joined us for dinner, with her two dogs, Teddy and Barry. Puck went a little crazy entertaining at the party. After dinner, we played a board game called Hues and Ques. A tough game to play for the colorblind. Today, we went out for breakfast at the Duo Wop Diner, a favorite local greasy spoon. Our next stop was Loews, where we stocked up on two shopping carts worth of gardening supplies. Dave was definitely in his element there. We came home again and planted the four tomato plants that Kim had gifted and Bella had dropped off. The dinosaurs are there in honor of the Apple TV+ series that we watched. Even Puck seemed facinated by it and she never watches TV.

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