Robin’s Egg Blue

Red-tailed Hawk Eating a Robin’s Egg

We along with most of Saint Louis visited Forest Park on Sunday. Even with hundreds of people about, we still managed to see and sometimes photograph quite a bit of wildlife in the park. We saw a Pied-billed grebe splashing around in the water. Not a normal bird to see in the park. Maybe it was migrating? The last one that we saw was in northern Michigan. The egrets have returned. We saw three Great White egrets fishing about. We also saw a bat flying around in the bright sunshine. There were lots of flowers in the park. Many trees were flowering. The Spring Beauties were carpeting the lawns and Daffodils were everywhere. Finally, we saw the pictured Red-tailed hawk. Trying to photograph it, we first spooked it, but it quickly settled into a neighboring tree. If you look closely at the right side of its beak you can see a fleck of robin’s egg blue. It had found a nest and was proceeding to eat all of the eggs in it. This seems terribly cruel, but that’s the way life is. There are still lots of robins in the park.

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