The Smart One

Japanese Garden Waterfall

I was lying on the couch, when Anne’s phone began to beep. Her sisters were taunting her over their respective wordle scores, “Let’s see how the SMART one does.” I alerted my wife to this sibling insolence, and she promptly rose to the challenge and smote them both mightily. To all you newly minted wordle experts, I don’t have a clue on how to play wordle, never having played the game. My only clue comes from watching a recent SNL cold open, where the latest Trump impersonator on that show “played” a game for laughs, “person, man, woman, camera, TV.” I later heard that all the words are supposed to be five letters, like the word smart.

Well, so far winter storm Landon is more bust than blizzard. We only have about an inch of ice and snow, but the storm is supposed to last another 24 hours, so we might get some more yet. Because we have gotten more ice than snow the town is at least partially paralyzed. Most flights are canceled, Metrolink is only partially running and can’t get to the airport anyway and trash service is delayed (I didn’t even bother putting our buckets out. I guess that makes me the smart one too.), but our local school district didn’t cancel classes. Instead, they are doing remote learning today. Snow days, another thing that covid has ruined.

4 thoughts on “The Smart One

  1. Not feeling like I was smoted (is that a word?), or even smited, because amazingly we all got the correct word on the second try. Dumb luck rules!

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