30 For 30

Fall Colors Atop Art Hill

Anne has adopted a new fitness program for the month of November, “30 for 30” or 30 minutes of exercise ever day for the 30 days of November. Monday, we went one for one, with 10,000 steps in Forest Park, well more than the necessary thirty minutes required every day. Actually, as of today, we are two for two, but I’m getting ahead of myself now. We started on top of Art Hill, where I flew my drone for the first time like forever. I wanted to photograph the Red maples the flank the statue of Saint Louis, in front of the art museum, but I only managed to get half of them in one frame. That’s OK, shown is the redder of the two sides. We walked across the hill, heading downhill through Shakespeare Glen, headed over to Picnic Island and then around Post-Dispatch Lake. Unfortunately, the boathouse was closed, because of Monday, because a cup of hot chocolate would have really been nice. The temperature had been dropping all afternoon and when we got back to the car at about four, it almost seemed like dusk. The car’s headlights even came on automatically on the drive home. It will be hard to pull of Anne’s fitness goal, as the month drags on, winter approaches, but if you don’t set goals how are you ever going to exceed them?

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