Red-tailed Hawk

I saw an internet meme. It involved the movie, The Princess Bride. It quotes the six-fingered man, as he is torturing Wesley in the Pit of Despair. Well sort of, because after initially testing the machine on him, the six-fingered man is seen to say, “I am the Corona Virus and I have just drained one year of your life.” At the rendezvous with this second March of the pandemic, this seems so true.

Yesterday’s news of our scheduled vaccination have started the wheels in our heads a spinning, with plans within plans. Who to see? What to do? Where to go? It is high time to pick up the pieces of our former lives, get it together and begin to move on. Stay tuned for more news as we resurrect our so called lives.

Our first planned road trip is the first one that we had to cancel, last March. Going to Monterey, to meet with my father. Instead of launching out as soon as we have been immunized, we will wait until our western siblings are also too.

We walked in Forest Park, along its eastern edge. Anne spotted the pictured Red-tailed hawk at Bowl Lake, which is in the extreme Southeast corner of the park. Sort of in the armpit of Kingshighway and I-64. It was extremely patient with us paparazzi, until it finally decided that we were not going to go away.

2 thoughts on “Wheels-A-Turning

  1. Congratulations. I’m
    Excited to get shot number one tomorrow along with my husband. I’m thinking we will stay put awhile longer. Let the masses get it too. Don’t want to feel like the kid who finished his test early and gets to go out on the playground while the slower testers have to stay inside. Don’t you live analogy?

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