Can’t Elope?

Then Honey Do Be Mine

It’s my birthday and I got just what I wanted. Jane got Harry’s new high-speed Internet installed. While Anne and I met with a roofer. A sleeping porch roof leak earlier this week incited that effort. Bid expected tomorrow. Turned in the recycling. They now have a guy curbside supervising the drop offs. Everything there is all COVID conscious now. At the last minute I rescued the gold coffee filter for the little coffee maker that somehow had ended up in the recycling. We used the Meijers pharmacy drive through window to drop off Anne’s prescription, which we’ll pick up tomorrow. It’s a good thing that we were already planning on returning to Meijers, because it was no joy with the Meijers curbside pickup today. I had placed an order using the store’s app that apparently got lost in the ether, because there was no record of it with anyone at the store. I’ve switched to Shipt, which we’ll try again with tomorrow.

Returning to the cabin, this morning’s rain had made a mess of the Green Tunnel Road. Yuge ponds all along it that made us mock that warning against driving into water and glad that we now have AWD. The road commission is scheduled to convene this weekend. Infrastructure Week! Anne saw a loon swimming by the cabin. I missed it, but did see the Soo Locks tour boat making its weekly run to Point Iroquois. Paulette gifted up with photos of the Loon Rangers. One of their number, Harry, had rescued a loon that had become stranded ashore. These bird’s legs are so far back that they can only takeoff from water.

Now for what you have all been waiting for, the squirrel 🐿 update. Anne had told me that with four degrees between the two of us, there is no way that we will be outwitted by a rodent. I hope that she doesn’t live to regret that statement. In addition to the have-a-heart trap, I’ve added a rat trap. The squirrel has a choice now, transportation or death. We got to sleep-in this morning. No thanks to the squirrel, but it was raining so hard that we could not hear it. Afterwards, we did hear and see the squirrel. We have it pretty well trained now. It starts making noise, we pound on the ceiling and it runs away. This is no solution, but even with four degrees, we are running out of ideas.

10 thoughts on “Can’t Elope?

  1. I’m sorry that you had trouble with Meijer pickup in the Sault. I had some issues with my Sault pickup too although it was ultimately successful. A2 is great nowadays whereas back in March I couldn’t schedule a pickup to save my life. I suspect not all Meijer stores are as well-organized in terms of curbside/delivery and the app(s) may function differently for different stores. Not apologizing for Meijer, just wondering if Meijer/Shipt have not comprehensively rolled out their app in all locations. See you guys in a couple days.

  2. It’s likely that your squirrel visitors came in through a small opening somewhere near the roof. They might seem too large to get through most holes, but they only need about an inch and a half of space to squeeze their flexible little bodies through.

  3. Happy Day Mark! 65th time around the sun? Sorry bout your squirrel problem. They are crafty little buggers.

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