My Better Half

My Better Half

Anne is seen here styling a blue & white plaid wool shirt-jacket that recalls a similar article of clothing that her parent’s once shared during their courtship. Last X-mas she gifted it to her mom and when this spring her mother passed, she inherited it back. It becomes her well and she enjoys the fact that it at least had its all too brief connection with her mother.

After some delay, we were able to pickup our groceries curbside at Meijers via Shipt. Anne got her drugs too. So all is right with the world again. It is a beautiful beach day. Not too hot and not too cold. With just the right amount of wind to keep the bugs at bay. Best beach day so far this summer. The forecast for the weekend looks pretty good too. It’s still hours before nightfall, but the sky this afternoon looks favorable for taking another run at the comet Neowise tonight. Although, the comet is already a bit passé.

Tonight, I’m gunning for Saturn. Currently, it is at closest approach to earth. It is also in retrograde, but most importantly it is tilted so that its rings are facing us broadside. All that extra luminous surface area makes it especially bright. I don’t think that I can photograph it, but I have a spotter scope that I could like to look at it through. I’ve only seen the planet up close enough to resolve it once. That was way back in college at Michigan State. I was taking an intro astronomy class and the teacher led us on a field trip out to the school’s observatory. It looked just like the photos, only tiny. I probably can’t do as well with my equipment, but I won’t know until I try.

In other news, we received the bid for work on the cabin’s sleeping porch roof. I’ve forwarded the bid to the commissariat, for their study. Finally, it’s squirrel 🐿 update time. Last night before we went to bed the rat trap was sprung. It didn’t get the squirrel, but we haven’t seen hide nor hair of it since. Knock on wood, which is what we’ve been doing in its presence all week long. We’ve become those grumpy old downstairs neighbors who bang on their ceiling whenever the upstairs neighbors have a party. It is unusual for the squirrel to be absent for so long. I can only hope that its near death experience has helped it come to the realization that these people are trying to kill it and it has been scared away, hopefully for good.

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