Neowise Redux


Yesterday, was cold and windy. So, we had our first fire of the summer. Come sundown the wind abated some and we went comet hunting. I broke out the big gun and got a better picture than before. My hand-me-down Canon 5D is old, but still works. More importantly it can take exposures longer than fifteen seconds. It takes time to integrate enough light. However, since I forgot to bring the laptop, I don’t have any good way to get pictures off of this camera. It’s too old to support wi-fi. Instead, I ended up taking an iPhone photo of the Canon’s very small display screen. I’m sure that once home I can do better. Tomorrow, the comet makes its closest approach to earth, but as it departs the sun, it is cooling and fading fast. So, act now if you plan to see it, because it won’t be back for a while.

Now for the all important squirrel update. Both yesterday and today we got woke, when the squirrel began gnawing on the cabin right above our heads, as we lay in bed. Who needs an alarm clock? Three times now Anne has gone up to the loft, banged on the walls and seen said squirrel run from the lakeside of the loft to the kitchen side. It’s unclear where it goes from there. Last time, I stood outside, but no squirrel poked its head out. It could have another entry/exit somewhere else or it could now be trapped inside. Enquiring minds want to know. No trap action yet.

Speaking of being woke, Anne told me a funny story from times gone by. Years ago, a very young Jane had found a to-do list of Harry’s. On it he had written “chink cabin logs” as one of his action items. Not familiar with that term and finding it rather racist, Jane scratched that out and wrote instead, “Chinese cabin logs.” In case I need to explain this, chinking is the material that is placed in-between the logs of a log cabin, to seal up the gaps. Sorry Jane, but it was so cute! Lately, I’ve been checking the chinking, looking for any squirrel holes, but no joy.

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