Rodent Wars

Bandit Busted!

I played Ennio Morricone’s theme from the Clint Eastwood movie A Fistful of Dollars to get us psyched up to go squirrel hunting. Earlier we had heard a squirrel inside the cabin. Anne had gone outside and snapped this photo that captured said squirrel sticking its head out of the cabin. So, I got myself strapped up as a good gunslinger should. My iron this day was a staple gun that I used to affix hardware cloth, but come high noon the pesky varmint had departed.

We spent until mid-afternoon working. We plugged two holes and discovered the cause of the previous night’s leak during a storm. It looks like the porch could use a new roof. We felt pretty good about ourselves come bedtime, but come morning the squirrel was back inside. After some badgering Anne managed to dislodge it from its favorite spot right above the bed and it went skittering across the loft towards the kitchen side before disappearing again. This means that there is another undiscovered hole. Later, the squirrel returned. It started gnawing again and Anne once again chased it away. I set out the Have-a-Heart trap and baited it with peanut butter. Maybe we’ll get lucky.

You know, mosquitos wake up everyday and choose violence over peace. They are so bad that they are able to disable a creature a million times their size. They manipulate people. They made me write this paragraph about them. Thus creating mosquito lit and they do this without even having opposable thumbs.

2 thoughts on “Rodent Wars

  1. Mosquitoes (actually, the parasites they carry) have killed more people than all the wars of modern times. They’ve probably killed more people than people have. Momma wreaks all this damage just for a couple of blood meals so they can lay their eggs. Give the dangerous little devils their due. They deserve a paragraph. How large are the buggers this year? Still the unofficial state bird of the UP?

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