Juvenile Robin

Juvenile Robin

Yesterday, I found this juvenile robin huddled against the house, while sitting in the driveway. I walked by it once, without noticing it. It was sitting absolutely motionless. In fact, when I did notice it, I was afraid that it might have died, because it did not move. It might have been stunned or that might have been a defense mechanism. Don’t know? I think that it probably flew into the dining room windows and knocked itself out, but it eventually flew away. Not before though I had enough time to run inside and get the camera and to alert Anne to its presence. She got to see it too and we didn’t even have to leave the yard.

It has been rainy. It is rainy. And more rain is in the forecast. The bird’s nest that I found last week got blown over, so that it will likely go into the yard waste bucket now. I was hauling the empty yard waste bucket back behind the house when I spied the young robin. I had to call the waste hauler for a special pickup of it, because they neglected to collect it as part of their regular run. We’ve had this problem before and this time when I called the operator asked if I had put X’s on it. I lied and said yes and then went out put some on. I had noticed that some of the neighbors have X’s on their buckets, but I had never put two-and-two together. We had written “Yard Waste” on the cart. I guess the garbageman can’t read and we have to make our mark for him. We might get a walk in later. We didn’t do one yesterday, but I can’t entirely blame that on the weather. If we do go out for a walk, we’ll bring umbrellas, like we did the day before yesterday. It is too wet out to do any yard work. I guess that I could do some house cleaning instead?!? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

One more item of domesticity. I’ve been trying to keep my hair tamed or at least not too wild. I’m using a beard trimer, which kind of works. It does better on shorter hair than the longer stuff. Anyway, I tried giving my hair a serious trim and ended up will a mullet. It looks fine from the front, but the back is still too long. Part of the problem, other than I am DIYing it, is that the trimer ran out of battery power before the job was done. It is recharging now and no there will not be any photos, so don’t even ask. If we do walk, I’ll wear a hat.

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