Rainy Day Blues

Lake McDonald, Glacier on a Rainy Day

I was going to post about going to post about the medical stylings of the Bleach Bum in the Whitehouse and even went so far as to create not one, but two pics for this purpose. Here they are, one and two. The first one is an entirely original creation, with an extra dollop of Photoshop. The second one is a mashup from two open source photos. The Clorox hand sanitizer came from the free photo website Unsplash and the caricature was created by the artist Donkey Hotey. Anne didn’t want to see his image on the blog though. This way you don’t have to look at them, if you don’t want to.

It has been a pretty blah Saturday. It was already raining before I got up this morning and it will likely still be raining after I go to bed tonight. Looking at the weather radar, a rain storm has been parked over Saint Louis all day and night. Its only motion is a slow cyclonic rotation, whose center seems parked right overhead. The sump pump will be running all night long. I don’t think that we’ll even get a walk in today. Oh well, into each life a little rain must fall. 

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