I’m Ready to Panic Now

My Travel Companion

Anne went back to school today. Yesterday, she accepted a one-day assignment at the elementary school. It has been a while since she has taught there, what with her long-term assignment for the last few months, at the early childhood center and then taking the last two weeks off from school altogether. Shortly after accepting this job, she got a shout-out from the school’s secretary. Anne normally teaches at this elementary school. 

Left to my own devices for a change, I got down to business and accomplished a lot today. Tasks included long overdue cleaning and some shopping. I also went for a solo bicycle ride in the park. Workers were putting in a new ramp across one of the streets that the bike path crosses. I got into a conversation with one of the workers, who was standing ankle deep in wet cement. I almost thought of milking the conversation as long as I could, just to see what would happen. After all, I almost had a captive audience there, but it was too cold for such games. 

Regarding the shopping, I have been stocking the larder in preparation for the expected arrival of the Corona virus. I’ve purchased some medical supplies and a load of food, mainly canned goods. We’re all set now to quarantine in place, if and when we need be. I am resigned to the fact that it is unstoppable now. 

Last night, Anne and I reviewed our future travel plans for the rest of the year. This month, we have one more plane trip scheduled, which hopefully, we will get in under the wire. Like before the epidemic strikes. All of our other travel plans are car trips, which hopefully are not as susceptible to pandemic disruptions as air travel seems to be and are cheaper to cancel if necessary.

Closer to home there is the ongoing matter of our many theater outings. Being in such a public space, with a lot of other people, close by, feels like a bad idea during an epidemic. Is it really worth getting the Corona virus, just because one went to see Hamilton again? Curse those consumptives!

This pandemic still seems like someone else’s problem, but I know that that is illusionary. There is no reason to believe that it hasn’t already arrived in town. The cat is already out of the bag, with steadily escalating signs of its spread. You can feel free to panic around the country now.

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