Back on the Bikes

Great Blue Heron Amoung Astoria Pilings

We pretty much took this summer off from cycling, but we’re back on the bikes. With two weeks to go until this year’s Bike MS ride, Anne and I are trying to whip our butts into shape. Based upon today’s modest ride around the park that might be a rather poor choice of words. Still, we’re out there and we’re trying.

In addition to riding, we also lunched at 1764 Public House. Named for the year Saint Louis was founded. Located in the CWE. It is at the corner of Euclid and Pine. This area of town has been undergoing renovation for years now and it has finally begun to come together. Kitty-corner is a new Whole Foods and high-rise condos abound. I doubt that there are any buildings older than ten years left near this intersection. 1764 has street, inside and upstairs seating. We selected a fourth option that was both inside and out. We had a roof over our heads, but all of the garage door sized windows had been hydraulically opened, giving us the inside-outside vibe. Students from both Wash U and SLU are returning to town and with the CWE situated halfway between these two schools, they give the area an international cosmopolitan feel.

After lunch, we rode up Euclid to Left Bank Books and Anne ordered this month’s selection by the Birch Point Book Club, Summer at Firefly Beach, by Jenny Hale. It is billed as the perfect feel good summer romance. Anne won’t be able to participate in this month’s meeting, but she can still live vicariously and maybe extend summer a bit longer by reading it.

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