4 Egrets

4 Egrets

We were walking the beach one day and I happened to look up. My first thought was that those are some really white seagulls, but upon closer inspection, I saw that they were egrets. Egrets are pretty common around Saint Louis, but on Lake Superior they are rarer. When we walk the beach are eyes are naturally drawn to look out over the water, but for bird watching the tree line behind us is where we should be looking. Birds looking down from above like to use the trees as a blind to hide behind. On another walk, on another day, we spotted a mature bald eagle that was skimming along the tree tops. Anne snapped a picture of that bird, but I liked my egrets one better.

Today was laundry day, which Anne and I performed without incident. We’re getting pretty good at doing it. Practice makes perfect. After laundry we met Bubs and Harry at Penny’s Kitchen for lunch. While eating there we got a group text from Dan. He was at work and the Gordon Lightfoot ballad; The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was being played on the radio and saw it as a herald for his impending trip here. I cautioned him to drive carefully. To which he said, “I will do everything in my power to avoid the November storms on the drive.” At this point Dave chimed in, with a rather wry quip, “Sometimes the gales of November come early.” We are looking forward to the boy’s arrival this week.

As seen on a sign in the Penny’s Kitchen restrooms:

Employee must wash hands.
If an employee is not available,
feel free to wash your own hands.

After lunch, Anne and I walked down to Portage, where the Soo Art Fair was well underway. I bought a raffle ticket that the Les Cheneaux Historical Society was selling. They are raffling off a wooden boat, a gorgeous 15’ Chester Yawl. While not quite a sailboat, it is still a beautiful boat. Anne found a gift or two and then we headed over to t-shirt row, but did not find one that met our needs. Meijer’s was next and then it was back to the cabin. It was a long day in town.

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