Look, Dear

Mule Deer on Simpson Beach 50′ Below

We were at Shores Acres, an Oregon State Park. A trail along the cliffs offered us this lookdown opportunity. One of four Mule deer grazing on the sparse, but apparently enticing beach vegetation, this one had the where withal to look up. The title is a callout to Anne’s and mine habitual silly little deer pantomime. Look, Dear. Yes, Dear. No, Dear. Oh, Dear. Etc.

So, we crashed home last night. I mentioned yesterday that we drove 7,000+ miles on this road trip, but I didn’t say that we accumulated more than a quarter of those miles (2,000+) in the last three days. But there is no such thing as rest for the weary, because today, the Lord’s day, a day of rest, is a workday for us. That’s what happens when everyday is Saturday, the week just blurs together.

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