Concours d’Elegance

1916 Dodge

Well, I might have been a bit braggadocious yesterday with my boasting about readiness for Cycle Zydeco. We’ll do fine on the first day, but the second…

Sunday, we did an easy ride over to Forest Park and viewed the Easter car show. We started on the upper Muny lot, with the original contest of elegance show. We quickly hooked up with Ron, who was showing his Ford Model T.

Ron is one of the original ‘ons as Dave use to called them, my bike buddies at the time. One of them would call, he would answer and my message would be that one of the ‘ons had called. Don and John were the two other legs of this triad. Dave coined their nickname. When I got home, I would always ask him if anyone had called? He invariably answered, “Oh, one of the ‘ons called.” He does much better now, as the then contemporary voice on our message machine.

Anyway, we had a good long chat. I promised to arrange a luncheon next month, with as many of the ‘ons who can attend. It was getting hot and we bade farewell to Ron for the present. We did a cursory tour of the upper lot, before heading downhill to the lower Muny lot or as Ron called it the junkyard. The lower lot is the home of the second car show, where modified cars are displayed. I find them interesting too. It was getting late by then and many of the cars had left or were leaving. We decided to also skate.

Ron’s 1930 A, the model that he learn to drive on, doesn’t bare any Dodge brothers marking, like the pictured 1916 Dodge emblem does. The wheel hubs of the Ford model T does though. In the early 1900s the Dodge brothers started out as subcontractors to Henry Ford, who they hated. He was a notorious anti-Semite and in order to get back at him they adopted a variation on the Jewish star as their logo, just to taunt him. 

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