Too Many Cooks

Almost Turkey Time

Two is not Too Many Cooks, at least in our kitchen. Anne and I spent the better part of the day in that room working well together. I would sort of spell myself with the occasional run to the grocery store, where every revisit was met with even more shopper than last time. It there was too much of anything, it was too many shoppers at Schnucks. Today, other than being chief dish and bottle washer, my main accomplishment was seeding the pomegranates, two, which was too many, but once the one we bought went bad and we ended up with none. One Christmas past, Anne and I made a little movie about seeding our pomegranate called Persephone’s Pomegranate, an allusion to the cycle of the seasons. Today’s photo is also a bit of a throwback, from almost ten years ago. I was bicycling along the Riverfront Trail and spied a flock of turkeys. They were down by the Mississippi River, while I was up on top of the levee. It has never been published before and has been Photoshopped in honor of the bird.

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