Sweat Louis

Orange Hibiscus

It really wasn’t all that hot today, but it was pretty humid. Two days of rain can do that. We bagged out regular Saturday bicycle ride and took the car, first to the gardens and then Forest Park. The genesis for this itinerary was jumpstarted when our new garden members cards arrived in the mail. I had gone there last week, by myself, to re-up, but it is always more fun with Anne. We took plenty of photos, ducking from sun to shade and back again. Anne got to see the newly reopened museum and before we had wilted too much we beat feet sort-of-speak for Forest Park, for the World’s Fare Festival.

On the way there, we were paced by a half-dozen electric scooters. These rentals are kiosk-less and most of them seem to be supplied by Lime Bike. They go 12 MPH for over an hour, before the battery is discharged. There is a nationwide cottage industry in wrangling these spent scooters, recharging them and then putting them back out on the street again. It’s like getting paid to play in a scavenger hunt. Although, I heard that being a scooter wrangler can get a little cutthroat at times. We went out to dinner last night in the Central West End and saw dozens of these vehicles ploughing up and down Euclid.

Back to the World’s Fare Festival. It was held at the World’s Fair Pavilion and covered all of Government Hill. We were a little underwhelmed with it. First, it was hot and humid by then. Definitely not their fault. With all of the rain that we have gotten this summer, the park service is having trouble keeping up with the mowing. Also, not their fault, but I got a few chigger bites. However, as a food festival, it was really lacking. All told, there might have been a dozen food trucks or food booths and with the temperature all of their fare seemed way too heavy. It was extremely disappointing, especially since next weekend hosts the Festival of Nations, with well over fifty different nation’s foods. You can bet that we will be going and getting there early. First to beat the heat and humidity, but second to also beat the humanity. It is way more popular as a festival. A beer was the only thing that we bought today at the World’s Fare Festival. How could I resist after the following astute marketing program. 

ADUT Beverages


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