Back in the Lou

Rock Wall, Trail of the Cedars, Near Avalanche Falls

We landed in the Lou last night, after two straight days of driving, which in part explains my silence of late. A wall of clouds rose up to bar our Mighty Miss crossing, but we pressed on. On, into an hour of traffic from the bridge to home. There is nothing like a well-timed thunder shower to snarl rush hour traffic. Who knew that there were so many St. Louisans?

Anne is fine. I prevailed upon her to leave the cabin two days earlier than she had expected. After more than a month there, it seemed like there were too many outlaws for me to handle. You know who you are.

Anne will work as an election judge on Tuesday. It is our state primary election and for the first time in years there are actual decisions to be made. Due to term limits, we have a new choice for state representative and I believe state senator. Locally, there is also county council and county executive. Lacy Clay, our US representative is also facing a credible threat. Because of gerrymandering all of these elections will be decided in the primary. I’ve been getting calls, texts and emails for weeks now. Since, we’ve been out-of-town, I still don’t know who to vote for yet. I’m waiting on my precinct chair-person (Anne) to tell me how to vote. Since, she has to absentee vote before Tuesday, I’ll let her do all the work. It is refreshing to be able to turn away the big orange mess in Washington and delve into something local, something that matters.

Finally, I am no longer able to pimp my blog to Facebook. Facebook has terminated all 3rd party, automated posting, like what I have been doing. I guess me and all of the other Russian trolls will have to go somewhere else to play. I wonder if it is too late to get a My Space account? Interestingly, this has not adversely affected traffic on my site. 

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