We’re Back

Mergansers on the Beach

We’re back at the cabin again, after our two-day sojourn to Seney and Pictured Rocks. I’m still not offering any pictures up from this rather successful photo safari, but as a sop, I give you this photograph of baby mergansers on the beach, in-between Jack’s and Don’s old cabins. It was taken the night before our departure. There were eight of them on the beach, but I’m only showing seven in the frame, the last one was left on the cutting room floor, but it was still alive.

It was a nice trip. I’m going to make similar over nights a must for future Cabin summer vacations. I’m thinking Mackinac Island for next year. We’ve never overnighted there. At least that is my position. Anne differed, she thinks that we have, but our journal at home should set that record straight. That’s my plan.

The mergansers were unusually tolerant of our presence. Maybe they were tired. The little ones look like they were. This is the first time that I have seen them on the beach. Anyway, look forward to more birds and rocks to come.

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