Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls from Brink Overlook

We did our annual trip over to Tahquamenon Falls. Our Prius turned 100K on the drive over. First, we drove through the park. Our destination being the Brick Oven Bakery. They have a land line, but are otherwise off the grid. We bought two loaves of sourdough bread and a cinnamon roll. After our purchase, we hung around and discussed all manner of interesting things, like the weather. 😉

We were delighted to find that the proprietor is no fan of the orange menace or any of its ilk. On our way through Paradise, we saw two road signs, “Impeach Trump” and “#Resist”. So, even here in the heart of Trump country there is dissent. After this week’s treasonous Helsinki debacle, I can only pray that all true patriots rise up in protest of this Russian toady traitor of a president.

We headed back to the upper falls, snagged a cup of coffee and enjoyed our cinnamon spoils. Then it was off to the falls. We started with the gorge overlook, which is down river from the falls and a path that we had not yet traveled. As we were about to descend, another tourist announced to the world, “Well, that was a waste of time!” I couldn’t disagree more. It was an excellent boardwalk and newer than the brink overlook that we’ve traversed many times. The view may not be as spectacular as at the brink overlook, but it was good.

We descended the brink overlook next and then it was time for some lunch. We headed back to Paradise and Fresh Coast Café for a little something. It was mid-afternoon by then, so Anne and I split their Superior chicken salad sandwich. On the way back to the cabin, we stopped at the Dancing Crane Coffee Shop. This is easily the best coffee shop in the Soo area. We bought a bag of beans and a cup of joe to go. Then it was back to the cabin, where apparently wind and wave had blown all day, meaning that we didn’t even miss a beach day by leaving. 

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