Zion’s Weeping Rock

Zion’s Weeping Rock

We’ve enjoyed a few days of frost-free mornings of late. So, it is high time that I commence planning this year’s summer campaign. In truth, I’ve been planning our expedition since Christmas. You have to plan that far ahead to get a good campsite in a national park, come high season. That part is done. We’ve got spots dotted across America picked out that are waiting for us to unroll our sleeping bags under the stars.

Speaking of which, I have a new sleeping bag to try out this year. My forty plus years old one is still serviceable, but it is a summer weight bag and doesn’t keep me warm on colder nights. We also have a new tent. This one is a three-person tent, which should be much roomier than the two-person one that we last bought and because it’s not thirty years old, it hopefully won’t leak like the four-person tent that we also own. Ole Yeller, as I like to call the four-person tent was big enough to sleep the whole family, at least when the boys were still young. It also provided yeoman service on the multiple week-long bicycling excursion with the League of Michigan Bicyclists that we’ve enjoyed. It was big enough to sleep two and also hold all of our gear at night. This summer, we will be car camping and won’t need the extra room inside the tent. Anyway, as they say, camping is where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person. 😉

The photo is from last summer’s adventures. Weeping Rock is spring fed, with water drops falling from above, after seeping through the rock face. Weeping Rock is an easy, paved walk-up from the bus stop. The same stop also serves Hidden Canyon, which we also hiked. This trail is across the valley from the more famous Angels Landing and was not anywhere as near crowded. It also has chains, bolted in the rock walls, so you can hangout on a ledge here too.

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