Phalaenopsis hybrid

Yesterday, Nink dropped from the sky, but you need not worry, because the cloud ceiling was so low that she didn’t have to fall very far. We picked her up in a snowstorm and then whisked her away to lunch at the Olympia. She’s in town for a conference. After lunch, we did a driving tour down memory lane.

Joanie joined us and we had a foursome for dinner. I made a meal of chicken tikka masala réchauffé, basmati rice and roasted parmesan zucchini. Nink’s daughter Megs is a photographer and has an Etsy website to hawk her wares. This sparked in me the idea to mimic her. I have begun setting up my own Etsy site, not because I expect to make much money doing it, but because it is a thing to do. Click on the Etsy badge to the right, the link will take you to my new store, which is still under construction. So, please forgive our mess.

Today, I served Trader Joe’s croissants with bacon. Hmmm, bacon! Eventually the girls got going and we went to the garden. We saw the orchid show, the Climatron, Kemper center and the Japanese garden. For lunch, we dined at Pho Grand, which was surprisingly better than Lemon Grass, down the street and is where we usually go. Finally, we dropped Nink off at her convention hotel. 

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