Bomb Cyclone

Sea Star

Those clever, clever people at the Weather Channel have invented yet another new phenomenon that they’re now calling a bomb cyclone, what has been called a nor’easter like forever. As if a cyclone alone isn’t destructive enough, they had to go out and weaponized one. This storm is supposed to terrorize the East Coast this week, starting down in Florida and then working its way north to NYC and  New England. Apparently, mother nature still has the biggest button of them all.

It’s forecast to strike NYC on Thursday, when Dan was planning on flying back to the Big Apple. He went online, looking for an alternative. Initially, American wanted $438 in change fees, even though they were already offering free flight changes further south. Eventually, though they updated their algorithm and were able to accommodate Dan for the lofty fee of 10¢. So, he leaves Saint Louis today, a day early, allowing him to easily make a Friday job appointment. Some more good news is that once this bomb cyclone leaves, our arctic cold snap will soon follow suit and depart too.

Not to belabor this winter weather, but we received a robo-call from the water company. It announced, “We don’t know if frozen pipes have caused you a service interruption or not, but if it has, then we don’t know when we will be able to restore your service. Have a nice day.” Thanks for the warning! Later, a salt-slurry truck came by and laid down chemicals on an ice river that had formed in the gutter from up the block, earlier this week. 

5 thoughts on “Bomb Cyclone

  1. Unfortunately, the new flight which was to have left Wednesday, was cancelled. Dan has switched from American to Delta, and hopes to make it to NYC today. Fingers crossed.

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